Getting to the Apartment

Check-In time
Check-In time – 2:00 pm (14:00). Sometimes we have customers at 6:00 of morning, in this case you should reserve apartment for 1 more night and we will keep apartment for you, or call or write to us so we can make agreement about it. Payment for accommodation is made at the instance of entering the apartment. You will get the keys of apartment after you check in.

The guests come to the apartment in an agreed time. A member of our team assists the guests in all required administrative tasks, any questions the quests may have and hands out the apartment keys. Also we can organise a car that picks up the guests from their place of arrival in Belgrade and brings them directly to the apartment. The administrative requirements are met on the spot.

The “Pick-Up & Check-In Service” includes the following services:
Picking up the apartment key from the member of the AGM Apartments Team
Picking up the guest at an agreed meeting point
Transporting the guests and their luggage to the booked apartment
Completing the guest registration form and collecting the rent for the apartment
Returning the guest registration form to the AGM Apartments office
Departure (Check-Out)

How can I get a cab?
We would recommend one of the five big taxi companies in Belgrade. It is usually possible to order a taxi through telephone as well as do a booking in advance.

How do I get to and from the airport, bus station, rail station?
We can arrange transfer (charged). There are also buses from the Belgrade Airport to the city center.

How do I get to the apartment?
All our apartments are situated within reach of public transportation. We attach a road map with the confirmation of the booking.

How early can we check in?
The apartments will be cleaned and ready for check-in by 2pm unless otherwise agreed. In any case, please let us know when you will arrive.

How many keys can we be provided?
Up to 2 sets for each apartment.

What if I cancel?
If for any reason you wish to cancel your reservation, please do it in time the moment when you find out that you will not need the apartment. If there is any possibility of shortening the period of stay, we recommend that, you always make a booking for the period when you will need the apartment for sure, with possibility of extension.

Where can I change money?
There are many exchange offices in Belgrade as well as at the airport, railway and bus station. All banks also provide that service. Credit cards are widely accepted in Belgrade.

What is the minimum stay?
The minimum stay depends on the type of apartment chosen, however the minimum period is usually two days.
Apartment Facilities

Is there internet connection in the apartment?
Yes, all apartments have internet connection, free of charge. If you want to be sure there is an internet connection, check when doing the reservation.

You can make a reservation:
1. By filling out the booking form on our website, on webpage which shows the apartment that you are interested in.

2. On phone number: +381 ———

3. e-mail: info@slavisa.us/klik

Your booking is not valid until the moment when you get a positive answer from us. If you receive a positive answer for the apartment which you have chosen, you can consider your booking safe.
The price includes: all bedding and towels, utility connections and ongoing usage charges, Final clenaning, Free Internet connection

In a certain, very small percentage of cases, it can happen that due to force majeure (failure of electric network, problem with water supply or public drainage system, etc.) we are not able to realize your valid booking. In this case it will be our obligation to find an adequate accommodation for you in the approximate location for the same or less price, which will not disrupt your visit to our town.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all additional questions.